An extra label added to Zara’s products!

One of the world’s biggest brands Zara has its products labelled by workers who make the company’s clothes

Workers of the Bravo garment factory worked for years to make clothes for the brands Zara, Next and Mango before suddenly one night the factory owner vacated the factory and ran off, leaving the workers with nothing. Faced with an empty factory and having received neither 3 months of wages, nor notice and severance payment, the workers resorted to the brands Zara, Next and Mango in order to get their money. Through agreements made with the international global union, Zara has officially taken responsibility for the receivables of workers who produce for the company as part of its supply chain. Despite this fact, Zara has been refusing to pay the workers’ money for over a year.

With Clean Clothes Campaign Turkey’s initiative, negotiations continued during the past year, but an agreement was not reached. For this reason the Bravo factory workers decided to take action and start a petition last September. Following this decision, Clean Clothes Campaign Turkey declared its support to the workers on the 25th of September and called upon consumers for their additional support.

In order to make their voices heard, the Bravo workers went to Zara stores in Istanbul and placed their own labels on Zara products, to publicize the fact that that they were the ones to produce the clothes. Some of the shoppers who saw these labels took pictures and shared these on social media, demanding the problem to be solved. Others contacted Clean Clothes Campaign Turkey for more information.


This is how workers called upon consumers for support:


We are the Bravo factory workers who made this product you are about to buy. Years long we have produced for Zara. our factory suddenly closed  without paying us  our last 3 months of wages and severance payment. Please tell Zara to pay us our money!

How you can support:

Sign our petition via to  demand the payments to be made.

Take a photograph of this label and share it on social media with the hashtag #JusticeForBravoWorkers

Clean Clothes Campaign Turkey urges upon Zara, Next and Mango to listen to the Bravo workers’ demands immediately and pay the workers’ receivables.