Looking Back, Moving Forward: Syrian Workers in Turkey’s Garment Industry

As the Syrian civil war enters its ninth year, more than half of the Syrian population has been forcefully displaced from their homes, with 5.6 million seeking refuge abroad. With its open door policy, Turkey has contributed significantly to humanitarian relief for more than 3.5 million civilians affected by the war in Syria. The vast majority of Syrians in Turkey [&hellip

Give us our rights, let’s be even!

Bravo workers’ struggle continues.  Left high and dry when in 2016 their factory went bankrupt, the 140 workers once again call out to the brands in order to be paid what’s rightfully theirs On Sunday, in front of the Zara shop in Istanbul’s Nisantasi neighbourhood, Clean Clothes Campaign Turkey organised a press release together with the Bravo workers and their [&hellip

Workers producing for Zara stage protest before its Istanbul shop

In order to make their voices heard, the workers of Bravo had previously visited Zara shops, placing special labels in the products on sale asking consumers to support them in getting their well-deserved payment back. The consumers had indeed heard this voice; and 300,000 individuals had signed the workers’ petition, demanding Zara to cover their back pay. The workers’ campaign [&hellip

An extra label added to Zara’s products!

One of the world’s biggest brands Zara has its products labelled by workers who make the company’s clothes Workers of the Bravo garment factory worked for years to make clothes for the brands Zara, Next and Mango before suddenly one night the factory owner vacated the factory and ran off, leaving the workers with nothing. Faced with an empty factory [&hellip

Mulberry slammed for worker exploitation at Turkish factory

Turkish workers and activists globally are launching a series of protests against handbag brand Mulberry for failing to protect the rights of workers in its Izmir supplier factory. More than 15 store actions are planned to take place across Europe and the US this Wednesday and Thursday. The brand, worn by celebrities including Alexa Chung and Emma Watson, is being [&hellip

SF Leather Factory Violates Workers’ Rights!

In January of 2015, workers in SF Leather, who make high-end leather handbags which can fetch as much as $1,500 per piece, began organizing with DeriteksSendika. The employer found out in March and began a heavy-handed anti-union campaign, going as far as to illegally fire 14 of the workers for their organizing activities. There can be no doubt as to [&hellip

A real BOSS pays a living wage

Hugo Boss’ road to success is a road to poverty for workers. A real BOSS pays a living wage With protest actions both online and on the streets in a number of locations across Europe, campaigners from the Clean Clothes Campaign network (CCC) are calling on Hugo Boss to put an end to labour violations where their garments are produced [&hellip


On Thursday, April 24th, activists and unionists, organized by Clean Clothes Campaign Turkey, stood took action in Kadıköy, Istanbul at an Adidas store to deliver a letter in solidarity with the 48,000 factory workers currently on strike in Dongguan, China.    After calling on United Colors of Benetton to pay their fair share to victims of the Rana Plaza collapse, activists and [&hellip

Clean Clothes Campaign – Turkey Protest Against DeFacto

Clean Clothes Campaign – Turkey, protested against DeFacto, on 15 March, in İstanbul, Kadıköy. CCC activists who carried a symbolic coffin which is decorated with red paint, standing for 1139 deceased workers under Rana Plaza ruins  and “Made in Bangladesh, 100% life risk” stickers, unfurled a CCC banner in front of DeFacto store. The protesters put placards there, on which [&hellip

Street Action For Rana Plaza Victims

Clean Clothes Campaign Turkey organized a protest in front of the Mango store in favor of the victims of Rana Plaza   The activists of Clean Clothes Campaign gathered together in front of the Mango store on İstiklal Street, in İstanbul, one day before the meeting to be held in Geneva considering the compensation for the victims of Rana Plaza. [&hellip